Monday, August 23, 2010

Debris filled cysts?

Last year i had a dermoid cyst wich was removed recently i have had alot of cramping similar to that. I went to the doc and she gave me an rx to get an u.s. the doctor there told me they found 2 cysts one on each ovary that were debris filled. she said probably blood or what not. she could'nt give me much more info cause she needed to speak with my doctor. Can anyone tell me what to expect???

Debris filled cysts?
I would recommend making a follow-up appt with your dr to find out what the other dr had to say.
Reply:Sounds like an endometrioma, or "chocolate cyst."

You can read some in-depth info on these types of cysts here:

For cyst info in general, see Hope that helps, and good luck to you.

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